Caroline + Jose // Intimate Upscale Wedding


This wedding was featured on The Budget Savvy Bride!


Overwhelmed by the idea of a huge expensive wedding? Don't be! Have you considered keeping it simple and intimate? Caroline and Jose share the inspiration behind their intimate upscale wedding planned for 30 guests in just 30 days! Shooting a romantic elopement style wedding was so wonderful, I can't wait for the opportunity to do it again!

Intimate Upscale Raleigh Elopement //

Jose and Caroline had been informally engaged for a while, but had originally been waiting until they could afford their dream wedding. However, midway through August, they realized that Sept. 26 would be the three year anniversary of when they started dating. "We wanted to do something special, especially since it was on a Saturday," recalled Caroline. Jokingly they told their families they would get married and they took them seriously and started telling everyone that the date was set!

Through the help of their families, they were able to gather the money and start planning for an intimate wedding of 30 guests. It was fortunate that they had already been planning the dream wedding for quite some time, so Caroline already knew a lot about what she wanted. First, they found The Glass Box which was miraculously available and the perfect size. The rest of the vendors fell into place through wonderful timing and luck. When it came to the caterers they never felt completely satisfied with their menus. Despite the fact that everyone warned Caroline not to do the food herself, she knew that that's what she wanted to do. Caroline has always had a passion for food and cheeses in particular.

That's why they decided to DIY the food and hire someone to serve it. The cuisine was French hors d'ourves, but some exceptions were made for other foods from areas near to France so that everything could be room temperature (porchetta from Italy and Mediterranean style nougat). The drinks were inspired by some of the couples favorites (mildly sweet tea flavored with rosewater that was garnished with citrus and Italian soda garnished with fresh thyme and blackberries). They were thrilled to receive the cake from the French bakery "Lucettegrace".

They worked on arranging the decorations and creating the ceremony with David over the whole course of the month. The couple wanted to show their families a good time and give them the experiences that Caroline and Jose enjoy so much. The Italian soda was inspired by the soda at the coffee shop they always get snacks at before seeing a film at the local independent theater the Chelsea. The favors were inspired by the style of The Grand Budapest Hotel (one of the great films they saw there). Lastly, they made their grand exit under a showering of blue paper airplanes, how darling is that?!

Venue: The Glass Box
Flowers: Blossom Artistry Weddings
Officiant: David Mateo
Caterer: DIY by Bride
Servers: Pour Bar Services
Draping: Themeworks
Dress: Created from Mother of the Brides Wedding Dress
Hair/MU: DIY by Bride
Rings: Family Heirlooms
Tuxedo: Jos A. Bank
Cake: Lucettegrace